Different Effective Ideas of Affordable Bath Remodel

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Different Effective Ideas of Affordable Bath Remodel

The bathroom is an important part of a house, which is used by all family members. Thus, the walls, floor, and other features of a bathroom wear off easily compared to other rooms of an old building. However, it is important to keep the bathroom in a good condition, to maintain the personal hygiene of all residents. So, the house owner needs to think about remodeling his old bathroom, to render a new look to that space.

Interior designers can suggest various ideas of bath remodel that can give a stunning look to a simple bathroom within an affordable range. A house owner needs to pick up the most effective design that fits perfectly with the basic architectural style of his bathroom. 

Use of low-cost materials – Vinyl flooring is much cheaper than high-quality wood used for bathroom floors while vinyl planks look almost alike as natural wood planks. House owners can use laminated countertops which can be available at lower costs than granite countertops.  Ceramic or porcelain backsplash can save money rather than installing marble or travertine tiles, as the backsplash will look more or less the same in both cases. 

Flooring with patterned tiles – A dull-looking bathroom floor can be replaced with tiles having small and uniform geometric patterns.  The color combination of these patterns in gray or black with white may look the best on the floor of any small-sized bathroom. In the case of hardwood flooring, it can be covered with a coating of protective enamel and paint of suitable color to restore its lost luster. 

Uses of multiple colors in a bathroom – Most people use only white color all over their bathrooms, making it look a bit dull. So, it is easy to cover some walls with colorful wallpaper, which should be far from water features. The wall with dark-shaded wallpaper with a designer mirror can render a refreshing effect to viewers. Interior designers advise installing vibrant-colored cabinets with golden handles, instead of white cabinets. 

Refinish a worn-out bathtub – As it is quite expensive to replace a bathtub with a new one; house owners may consider fixing up all cracks and polishing yellowish areas of that tub. However, the refinishing of an old bathtub should be done by an expert professional to avoid further damage to this material. If a heavily damaged bathtub demands replacement, it is best to buy a freestanding tub of sleek design so that more flooring space can be freed. If refinishing is not enough, the application of touch-up materials can restore the original look of a bathtub.

Installation of small features – A bathroom cabinet can be given a new appearance by installing new hardware of interesting design on it, rather than replacing the entire old cabinet. The installation of a new faucet of a stylish design is the best idea for changing the look of the sink area in an old bathroom. All these minor changes can be done by anyone, without hiring a plumber. 

A floating cabinet can be a good way of saving flooring space in a small bathroom, which can be utilized for other purposes. All these low-cost techniques of bathroom remodel are highly preferred by most common house owners all over the world.

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