Shower Enclosure Suites for Small Bathrooms

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shower enclosure suite
shower enclosure suite

While shower enclosures suites can be a great solution for bathrooms, many people don’t know that such suites can also be a great choice for small bathrooms. Small bathrooms are a common phenomenon in UK households. When planning a bathroom remodel for a small bathroom, many peculiarities ought to be kept in mind. Because, unlike larger bathrooms, small bathrooms do not provide enough space to install your dream bathroom fixtures as you want.

You have to be cautious while choosing the shower enclosure suites UK and vanity units. And make sure they can be smoothly installed in your room. This makes it hard to replicate a design for a large bathroom onto your relatively more minor model. Nevertheless, there are still ways to bring charm and aesthetics to your bathroom’s interior.

A major question everyone with a tiny bathroom needs to ask himself is whether to go for a bath or shower enclosure suite. There are plenty of options available for small bathrooms like P and L-shaped shower baths. But You still do not know whether it would amplify your bathroom’s appearance or not.

What is a Shower Enclosure Suite?

If you already know what a bathroom suite is, then you may easily guess. It is one and the same thing. While a bathroom suite can be a set of different matching items, a shower enclosure suite is essentially a set that includes a shower enclosure, a vanity unit, and a toilet. So, technically, in case you want a shower enclosure for your bathroom, there is a need for other fittings as well. Then a shower enclosure suite can be a great choice for you. The benefits you will get from this type of suite are the same as from any other type of bathroom suite. That means you can save time, hassle, and money out of choosing everything separately. 

Why Small Shower Enclosure Suites?

Considering the congested space, you have to be clever to make good use of it. No doubt, bathtubs can be a calm and relaxing addition to a bathroom regardless of their size, and you can choose an amalgamation of a bathtub and shower to save space. But when it comes to a small family home, a bathtub might not be of that much use.

 Shower enclosure suites UK can accommodate smoothly into a corner and provide sufficient showering space to everyone. The shower enclosure range is as small as 700 x 700 mm, perfect for small bathroom spaces. Moreover, with their extensive range of styles and sizes, you can freely find one based on your bathroom theme, making them versatile bathroom options.

What is Included in the Small Shower Enclosure Suites?

A standard shower enclosure suite for small bathrooms includes compact fittings and fixtures that includes 

  • Shower Enclosure. Generally, shower enclosures are not recommended when you lack space. However, there are small space solutions available extensively. You should choose the style that not only offers space saving design but also makes the shower comfortable. 
  • Vanity Sink Units. Keeping in view the needs of a small space. You should choose a vanity sink unit as it combines a vanity and sink. With both of these getting added into a single solution, there will no longer be a need for a separate sink. 
  • Compact Toilet. A wall hung toilet can usually be the best choice for a small bathroom. Therefore, it will also be part of the package. In case you don’t want to go for wall hung toilet option, then the second most suitable option can be a combination unit or a separate back to wall toilet. 

How Much Shower Enclosure Suite Cost?

Redesigning a bathroom is no easy feat, no matter how small it is. Apart from the detail and design point of view, there are a lot of resources that go into a bathroom remodel (sometimes even more than a new bathroom.) However, saving up on the budget depends significantly on the kind of fixtures you install in the room.

For instance, regular bathtubs or two-in-one bathtubs with showers enclosure suites can cost way more than a shower enclosure. And given the small cubicle size, you have another edge of cutting down the costs.

Be that as it may, you don’t necessarily have to compromise on the type, size, or quality of the enclosure.  Thankfully, the shower enclosure suite market is so diverse that you don’t have to go through the trouble of preferring one trait over another. The immense range of designs in different price tags got you covered.

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Final Thoughts

The shower enclosure suite offers a great way to achieve a desired bathroom. Not only will it solve your problem of creating a contemporary look but also improve the utility in the best possible way. In addition to that, these suites cost less in comparison to getting the fixtures individually. In case you are looking for the best quality shower enclosure suite, then Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK is the best place for all your bathroom makeover shopping. 

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