Ways to Implement Granite into your Home

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Ways to Implement Granite into your Home
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You have probably considered putting granite in your home kitchen before, or seen a beautiful home with granite countertops in their kitchen. It is common for granite to be used as a kitchen countertop material. However, there are other places in your home that granite can be used very well. 

Granite countertops can make a big difference in the appearance of your home. In fact, a quick change of the countertops in your kitchen can make the room feel improved and updated. Countertops are an easy change and really do create a lasting effect. While granite is a more costly material than formica, it will last forever and really drop jaws when they walk into your home. 

Some of the places inside homes where granite works well include bathrooms, kitchens, and fireplaces. When large kitchens jobs are finished there are often remnants left over from the project. Remnants are the small pieces of granite that are leftover when a project is finished. If the remnants are a decent size, the company will keep them and sell them to as a remnant. Depending on the size of your project, remnants are a great choice for your home. 

Ideas for Using Granite in Your Home 


While countertops are the number one way to implement granite into your home, there are other ways that are also really popular and add an additional design element in your home. Kitchen countertops are a great way to display granite but including the stone in your bathroom is also a great option. Often times, bathrooms are small enough that remnants can be used to cover the entire vanity. One of the benefits of using a remnant in your bathroom is price. Remnants are quite a bit more affordable than granite that you buy by the foot or slab. 


Another idea for using granite is on your fireplace. If you are adding a fireplace in your home you are likely searching for a hard material to use on the outside of the display. You need a material that is safe around heat as the inside of the fireplace will become very hot. Granite is a great choice! Granite can withstand very high temperatures without having any damaged inflicted on the stone. You can also buy remnants that are left over from other jobs the same way that you would for your bathroom countertops. The remnants can then be cut into smaller pieces and laid nicely around your fireplace. ‘

Outdoor Areas 

If you have built an outdoor living space in your yard you are probably searching for a material that will be able to weather the storm well. Granite is a great choice for outdoor areas as it is strong and durable. You can purchase smaller remnants as well and use them as a tile if you are looking to complete the project inexpensively.

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