What Differences are there Exactly between Power and Pressure Washing?

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What Differences are there Exactly between Power and Pressure Washing?

You may have heard of both terms, and while each of them are both a very effective method of cleaning up a diverse range of surfaces and items, there happens to be some distinctive qualities with regard to each method. 

Due to these differentials, there are times when each is better and more suitable for certain situations.

I’ve got the Power! 

  • Power washing commonly makes use of a constant and slightly powerful stream of hot water. 
  • The water’s temperature is the key here to allowing for the power washing apparatus to operate correctly. 
  • By setting the equipment’s temperature gauge to a particular setting, it is then made possible to remove items like unsightly chewing gum from pavements and roads with ease. 
  • And at the very same time, this stream of hot water can also be used for eradicating moss and weeds, and clearing a surface of any mould or mildew that has built up. 
  • Should there be a lot of dirt and grime and other matter to sort out, the power wash is the most popular.

Put on the Pressure!

  • In contrast, pressure washing is determined by the force of the water stream instead of the temperature. 
  • The pressure washer works superb for cleaning surface dirt from places such as pavements, walls, patios and decks. 
  • Pressure washing for the purpose of masonry cleaning is extremely popular, as this method does a superb job on any kind of concrete, brick, or tile construction, just ask professional contract cleaners in Essex. 
  • If there is no sort of ground-in dirt or mould to take on, then indeed, pressure washing offers the perfect, fast and easy cleaning solution.
  • It is not uncommon for many people to get the terms mixed up between the two washing techniques, because both of them make use of a high-pressure stream of water as a part of their cleaning procedure. 
  • If you never want to forget again, just try remembering that the major difference is that power washing does not make use of cold water, whilst it’s relative, pressure washing, can use water at any temperature.

Where to Make a Purchase?

  • Both are usually available at a good home store, and perhaps in many hardware shops. 
  • In some cases, you will find them at respectable lawn and garden shops. 
  • The prices will vary, all depending on the size and brand of each product. 
  • Models that are perfect for use around a smaller type of home are usually not too expensive, while the larger models are used for industrial purposes and will cost considerably more.

A Word of Caution!

  • Like with many other pieces of equipment, before you try to operate either type, it is more than a good idea to read up in the instruction manual first.
  • The manuals will show you how to properly adjust the water pressure for various surfaces, and the temperature settings to efficiently melt or remove any hardened substances. 

You can also check YouTube and see if anyone has instructions on using your particular model.

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