Different Types of Metal Carports and Their Applications

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metal carports

Metal carports are a cost-effective way to shelter one or more vehicles from theft and adverse weather conditions. Unlike typical wooden garages, these metal structures are simpler to construct and maintain compared to regular wooden ones. You may also design your carport based on your needs and preferences. There are various options for your metal carport, ranging from size to colour.

Modern carports are adaptable, so you may choose one that meets your requirements. You may also design a new carport or expand an old one to make it do more than protect your vehicle.

Many Americans are resorting to metal carports to protect their automobiles from the weather and improve storage space. Compared to a typical structure, metal carports are economical and straightforward to create. They’re also solid and trustworthy.

Building a carport will add value to your house or other property and be highly customizable. Besides automobiles, carports may store boats, RVs, and other vehicles.

Types of metal carports

Carports and garages are fantastic additions to any property, but deciding which kind you want may be challenging. Knowing what numerous types and choices are available will make the choosing process much quicker and smoother and assist you in determining what is best for you.

Single Carports

These are some of the cheapest automobile parking options you may have at your property. Single carports, also called single-wide carports, can provide safety for one automobile. For example, a steel shed of this sort may be as small as 8 ‘wide and as broad as 17’ wide. Apart from that, you may pick a roof from three other options: conventional style, box eave, and a vertical roof.

Double Carports

Popularly termed “double-wide carports” and “2-car carports,” they are steel shelters where you may efficiently park more than one vehicle at a time. Double carports start at 18′ wide. Apart from holding two automobiles concurrently, you can also utilise the shed to keep a boat or other vital items outside the house.

Triple Carports

If you have three automobiles, install a triple carport at your home and protect your vehicles from hazards like rain, sun rays, wind, snow, and others. You may also utilise the room to store a car or any large machinery you cannot put inside your house

The triple carport may be 26′ wide. If you wish to cover all shelter areas, create a unit at least 30 feet wide. With this approach, you will obtain an adequate size to operate your automobiles and other equipment. Triple carports are also available on the market under 3-car carports and triple-wide carports.

Combo Utility Carports

These are metal carport varieties that allow you lots of areas to park your cars or keep your equipment. In addition, these steel shelters come with a storage compartment, where you may store your expensive equipment protected from hazards like theft. The storage room incorporates a door to access the space readily. In addition, you may alter the area to make it more helpful for you. For example, combo utility carports are available on the market in numerous styles and sizes to pick from. In addition, they also feature three roof options- standard, box eave, and vertical roof- comparable to other carport designs.


Metal carports are easy-to-install and personalise. However, you should construct one that meets your demands. For example, if you have a larger vehicle like a leisure vehicle or wish to keep a large piece of machinery, think about creating one of the barns, sheds, or carports that effectively perform a function. 

These are those garages constructed for more oversized vehicles like campers and semi-trucks, those intended for working on automobiles, those that are great for boats, and so on. Specialty garages are likely to be more costly, and they may not necessarily add value to the property if they are too particular. 

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